We Are All About Sustainable Investment

We are disciplined asset managers and investors that believe in the compounding effect of long-term value and maximizing return using our proprietary outcome-oriented investment approach among different asset categories.

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We focus on sectors with high potential for growth, profitability and sustainability while delivering transformational results to companies and investors by properly diversifying their assets with the least amount of risk.


Directional Long/Short Equity Strategy:

Long/short investing is a great way to exploit profit opportunities by purchasing equities that are likely to increase in value and selling short equities that are likely to decrease in value.

Our goal is to provide highly diversified, variable long/short portfolios across developed market equities that generate consistent returns.

Global Macro Strategies:

Global Macro Strategies focus on building portfolios around predictions and projections in a global scale based on national economies, history, and international relations. They can cover different sectors and industries, market caps and nations.

Our experts do extensive research and travel around the world looking for opportunities and evaluating risk, all in the pursuit of identifying and capturing potential value in situations and conditions in the global economies.

Relative Value Arbitrage Strategies:

Relative-value arbitrage is an investment strategy that focuses on identifying discrepancies in prices between securities that share comparable economic of financial characteristics while using leverage to identify and amplify the returns.

Our expert investors have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate the markets themselves as well as individual securities. They utilize a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to identify securities they believe to be mispriced in relation to fundamental and technical factors and profit from the imbalance.

Event-Driven Strategies:

Event driven investing seeks opportunities to take advantage of temporary stock mispricing or pricing inefficiencies, this can happen before or after a corporate event, such as mergers, acquisitions, re-organizations, buy backs bankruptcy, earning calls, and similar events.

Our team of investors have all the required knowledge and expertise to accurately analyze and determine when or if a company event will occur and evaluate the risk for successful execution.

Capital Structure Strategies:

Capital structure investing involves taking advantage of the mispricing across different security classes of one single capital structure, in other words, it is a comparative value trade that uses only one’s company’s securities.

Our professional investors have the skills and necessary experience to evaluate and analyze different scenarios of undervalued and overvalued securities within a company, with the objective to profit systematically from the pricing inefficiency and different intermarket dynamics.

Silver Strategy:

Silver Seeker Bullion Fund

Strong Track Record and Expertise

The goal of the Silver Seeker Bullion Fund (the “Fund”) is to provide a convenient investment alternative for investors who want to hold physical silver and want it actively managed. The Fund offers a number of compelling advantages over traditional exchange-traded silver funds and private ownership. It is an actively managed physical silver fund with hedging that improves performance and balances volatility.

Our People:

Our experienced sophisticated investors and technologists have a high net-worth and wide-ranging experience in financial markets, they are individuals who are looking to push themselves to the limit, ready to face and solve the hardest challenges our customers face.

Our executive team brings years of industry experience and is ready to evaluate investment opportunities, this group of experts vigorously seek to build strong and stable companies with sustainable long-term value for our clients.

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